Energisafari.dk gives you Danish knowhow and showhow in the field of cleantech. 
We offer customised specialist tours with focus on green energy technologies, to groups of commercial delegations and visitors.

Collaboration with State of Green

Energisafari.dk and the official green brand of Denmark, State of Green, have joined forces in demonstrating Danish knowhow, cleantech companies and projects from the Central Region of Denmark, to foreign delegations of interest.

Energisafari.dk is also part of the new Tours Network for Danish actors within tour services who host foreign delegations. State of Green has initiated the collaboration of the Tours Network and acts as Secretariat for the group.

State of Green wants to ensure an even closer cooperation with selected central visiting services within the green sectors from all over Denmark. By this we can develop and sustain Denmark as the place to visit to investigate the potential of the green transition.

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Energisafari.dk & Building Green

Energisafari.dk has become partner with Building Green, Denmark's largest trade fair for sustainable and energy efficient buildings.

Energisafari.dk and Building Green, invites you to two free excursions in connection with the event in Aarhus d. 29 to 30 March 2017.

You can see and sign up for the excursions here:

Aarhus City Tower - one of the largest newly built low-energy buildings (duration 1½ hours)

Frederiksbjerg skole - award-winning, recently built school created with used bricks (duration 2 ½ hours)

Specialist Tours

At Energisafari.dk we are experts in organising and implementing customised tours in green alternative energy technologies. Energisafari.dk generates networks between visitors and industries. Our customised specialist tours are organised so that visitors receive the programme best suited to their specific needs.

An Energisafari consists of three main phases: Planning, Implementation and Follow-up. With us, the customer is a key part of all three phases. You can read more about Energisafari.dk here:

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