Energisafari.dk is an expert in organising and implementing customised tours for political and administrative decision-makers, commercial delegations, engineers, industrial specialists and researchers, amongst others.

We collaborate with leading Danish operators and suppliers of green and sustainable energy and energy technology - this involves private and public companies, energy companies, research centres, universities and local authorities.

We focus on the implementation of solutions
Our customised tours entail all aspects of green alternative energy technologies - from a simple solution for integrated systems to strategic energy planning.

Our focus is always on concrete solutions where professional discussion and understanding are the key issues.

We create dialogue and Network
We create dialogue and network between our guests and collaborators.

Energisafari.dk makes sure that the right people are matched when planning a tour. We know from experience that real values are obtained when our guests and our collaborators have a close dialogue.

Energisafari.dk creates strong and often informal networks based on personal relations. Thus the benefit of our customised tours extends far into the future.

We follow up
Systematic follow-up is an incorporated part of all our tours. Energisafari.dk ensures that our guests and collaborators are in contact with one another before we end an Energisafari with a summary and an evaluation.

The last part of an Energisafari is a direct follow-up from relevant companies in our network, once our guests have returned home. This ensures the established contact between our guests and network is sustained and embedded.

Activities in Energisafari.dk:

Proposed Energisafari.dk programmes are listed under Specialist Tours. We can also tailor an Energisafari to your own needs.

Publiceret 13-02-2017