Energisafari.dk offers customised, professional tours, aimed at groups of commercial visitors from the following specialist fields:

We offer one-, two-, or three-day programmes, and we can easily organise a tour that covers a variety of disciplines.

The price of a tour can vary. It depends on the length of the programme, its contents and whether accommodation is required. We provide a unique experience, linking know-how and show-how to produce a programme ideally tailored to your own specific requirements.

On an Energisafari, we give equal, high priority to a superior level of technical expertise and the cultural aspect. In our experience, breaks are needed to rest the brain. This enables participants to assimilate as much of the new knowledge as possible. Cultural destinations as alternatives to meetings and networking dinners help increase the quality of the total experience - and that is precisely what an Energisafari is: An all-round experience with the focus on energy.

Energisafari.dk plans and organises specialist tours and programmes for groups specifically interested in studying energy. Our aim is always to ensure that our visitors reap the greatest professional benefit from the trip. We plan your entire tour, including accommodation and any other requests.

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Publiceret 18-10-2016